ProTegus Identity Management (IdentMGMT) services address the complexities when it comes to establishing strong security services supporting authentication, access control, integrity, and non-repudiation. ProTegus Risk Management (RiskMGMT) services address the continual process of identifying, assessing, and monitoring management, operations, and technical controls to minimize risk. ProTegus Security Management (SecMGMT) services address countering threats including protection of data, applications, infrastructure, command and control management, and correlation of event data.

Welcome to ProTegus

ProTegus is a knowledge leader in secure information technology system design, implementation, and integration for both government and commercial sectors.

We provide a full suite of proven consulting services from architecture assessment to final system design and operation. As a leader in IT security services, our teams follow a practical approach to design, deploy, and support functional, integrated, security and identity management systems as dynamic as your organization.
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